Buck – Nigerian Dwarf

Meet Bucky

Bucky is our Nigerian Dwarf buck. He is unregistered but has amazing Nigerian Dwarf characteristics that have produced strong, good looking kids.

Bucky’s Offspring

Nigerian Dwarf buckling


2022 – Dam: Mindy







Learn a little more about Bucky

Is Bucky registered?

No, Bucky is not registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA). Both parents of a Nigerian Dwarf would need to already be registered to register the goat. That doesn’t mean Bucky isn’t a fantastic example of a Nigerian Dwarf buck but, sadly, he and his ofspring can’t be registered.

Can we buy kids from Sky?

Yes, certainly! Bucky will be bred to Skye (registered Nigerian Dwarf) for a Spring 2023 kidding. We will be posting those kids as they are born. The kids will not be registerable.

Is Bucky for sale?

Bucky is for sale to the right home. We are preparing to purchase a registered Nigerian Dwarf buck and will be “retiring” Bucky soon after. He is still young and has many good years of breeding left. However, his ofspring cannot be registered with ADGA.

Do bucks attack people?

Some breeds may. However, ours are not agressive to people at all, even in rut. Bucky is very friendly and loves the attention of people. He insists on lots of pets.




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