Making Heritage the Norm

About Wild Haven

Making Heritage the Norm

We are convinced that the future of sustainable food and agriculture is in biodiversity on small farms. For us, that means helping small land owner discover the benefits of heritage livestock and crops. We breed, educate, consult, and support emergent and small farmers building sustainable and productive livestock and market garden programs of their own. We believe in making heritage the norm.
Man in winter clothes and hat holding two new born goats wrapped in a towel at Wild Haven Farm, a gentleman's farm in Sunrise, MN

Our Journey, Your Journey

We invite you to be a part of  Wild Haven, wherever you are. Spread the word! Become a micro-farmer! Tour the farm! Become a member! Come on this amazing journey with us!
Woman holding baby goat

Nurturing the Homesteader

The future of farming is not CAFOs and monoculture. The future is a return to many small, diversified farms working with heritage livestock and plants in harmony with nature. Wild Haven Farm is a teaching and experimental farm. We leverage our combined expertise in business, technology, science, coaching, and education to empower emergent small farmers like ourselves to build a new generation of sustainable farming. We define “farmer” very loosely. If you have a garden, if you keep a few chickens, if you have a pollinator habitat, you are a homesteader (aka farmer) who can make a difference!

Regenerating the Future

We can’t change the world but we can change what we can. For us at Wild Haven, that means 20 acres of critical buffer near Wild River state park and less than a mile from the St. Croix River. Regenerating, and sustainably managing, this land is one of our most important goals and a legacy we can leave our children. Our scope can go beyond our 20 acres, though. We extend our impact through our work with other homesteaders who want to make a difference on whatever land they have access to.
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