Wild Haven Shakira

Doe – Miniature Silky Myotonic/Fainter

Meet Wild Haven Shakira

Shakira was born is 2023 and is one of our most friendly and easy going does. She earned the status of Ambassador in 2023 and traveled to represent the farm to the delight of many.

Shakira is not available for adoption at this time.

Fast Facts

Shakira’s Offspring

Frank, a kid goat.


  • Wild Haven Frank (aka Old Blue Eyes)
  • Sex: Buck
  • Born: 2 June 2024
  • Sire: Unknown

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goat buck looking at the camera surrounded by two other goats

Sire: Lazy L's Awe Shucks (aka Brenden)

  • Registry: MSFGA-6904
  • Sire: Lazy L’s Casanova (6121)
  • Dam: Lazy L’s Angie Baby 5MM (F6739)

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Goat looking up at the camera

Dam: Timberside Farms Echo BRB

  • Registry: E3176
  • Sire: Firefly Titanium TFM (C3580)
  • Dam: Timberside Farms Gold TFM (D3738)

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Learn a little more about Shakira

Is Shakira Registered?

Both of Shakira’s parents are registered and her papers are pending.

Has Shakira produced kids?

Shakira had her first freshening 2 June 2024 with Wild Haven Frank. She is showing to be a great mom which is expected from her blood line.

Is Shakira available for adoption?

Shakira is not available for adoption at this time.

Does Shakira Faint?

Shakira is at about a 3 on the Myotonia Stiffness Scale. She stiffens only occasionally, and rarely falls.

If you are new to Myotonic/Fainting goats please keep in mind that they do not always just fall over as in the social media videos you may have seen. Stiffening is the most common characteristic and falling over can occur. We try to convey the scale rating for all of our goats so adopters have a realistic sense of how each goat will respond.


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