Buck – Myotonic/Fainter

Meet Wild Haven Farm Chuck

Wild Haven Farm Chuck and his sister, Minnie, were born on 1 July 2023 and both dam-raised with the herd. Chuck is an exceptionally affectionate goat and loves to be around people, a trait he acquired from his sire. He is showing very promising long hair silky characteristics. Keith shows some myotonia but is low on the scale.


Chuck is not available for adoption at this time.

Fast Facts

Chuck’s Offspring







Chuck’s Parents

Goat (Blizzard Sky) with large horns laying in the sun appearing to smile.

Sire: Gypsy Sky Ranch Blizzard Sky

  • Born: 19 March 2018
  • Registration: International Fainting Goat Association (IFGA) P-25269-H
  • Classification: Premium
  • Myotonia Stiffness Scale: 2 – Very rarely stiffens, never falls.
  • Sire: Triple A Acres Easy Rider (CP-87462-D) Certified Premium
  • Dam: Barnyard Buddies Funny Face (CP-87401-H) Certified Premium

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Goat (Lily) and her kid (Keith)

Dam: Lily

  • Born: 1 January 2020
  • Registration: None
  • Myotonia Stiffness Scale: 2 – Very rarely stiffens, never falls.
  • Sire: Unknown
  • Dam: Unknown

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Learn a little more about Chuck

Is Chuck registered?

Chuck is not registered. He could e registered as a found Myotonic. His sire has a tremendous bloodline and his dam, while not registered, has amazing genetics worth propagating.

Why is Chuck not available for adoption?

Our breeding plan has been to favor fully registered lines. However, we are also watching for exceptional genetics and Chuck has those. As long as Chuck continues to develop as he has been, he will stay in our breeding herd.

How big will Chuck get?

Chuck’s sire is just an inch over being a miniature and his dam is average size for a fainter. We expect Chuck to be a bit smaller than either parent.

Will Chuck's offspring be avaiable?

We expect to make some of Chuck’s offspring available for adoption. Contact us early to be put on the waitlist.


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