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Why Goats?

At Wild Haven we breed the goats we enjoy being with. Our breeds were selected for their own unique contribution to livestock diversity and fascinating histories. Goats have always been an ideal livestock for a small farm. They are easy to care for and have high output for the amount of feed they consume. While some goat breeds are better for meat or dairy, or even fiber, all goats can be used for both meat and milk. Today, not everyone owns a small farm. Those who happen to own an acre or more can reap the benfits of having goats.

Goats have a rare place in human history. Domesticated 10,000 years ago, goats have a natural bond with humans similar to dogs. They are curious and highly intelligent. If you have a little land and love being constantly entertained (and challenged), pet goats are for you. Curious about getting a goat? Click below to learn more.

Buckling goat and his mother
Face of a Nigerian Dwarf wether

Fainting Goats (Myotonic)

Fainting goats are fun, to say the least. The fainting is caused by myotonia congenita, a hereditary condition that doesn’t cause the goats any harm. Fainting goats were first discovered in Tennesee, hence the name Tennesee Fainting Goats. Click below to learn more about the fainters at Wild Haven.

Nigerian Dwarves

Nigerian Dwarves have a fascinating history and are an incredibly resiliant breed. They are excellent milk producers. Click through to meet the Nigerian Dwarves of Wild Haven.

San Clement Island Goats

In 2023, Wild Haven Farm adopted 11 beautiful and lively San Clemente Island (SCI) Goats to form a breeding herd. We encourage you to learn more about this rare and vital breed.


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