Watermarks and Why We Use Them
Logo of Wild Haven Farm

Written by: George Sawyer

Published: 24 February 2024


We’ve been asked about the watermarks on our photos and videos so I thought I’d share why we do it.

Of course there is just the branding element to the story. We are a business and take great pride in our livestock, our farm, and our way of life. Just like any other business, we want people to recognize our work and keep us top-of-mind.

The other reason we watermark everything isn’t so intuitive. We hear from reputable breeders in our associations that some have had their images stolen and used by scammers. Believe it or not, scammers will use the images and demand deposits for goats they don’t own. Social media is scary. We, along with many breeders, watermark everything to make it less appealing for scammers to use our images and to make it easier for us to prosecute if they do.

Stay safe on line

  • If you ever see our images or logos out of context, please let us know right away.
  • Only engage with reputable breeders who have a website.
  • Ask if they are members of a breeder association and check to confirm. Associations usually have a listing on their website.
  • Deposits are not uncommon but get to know your breeder. You should be able to work with them and trust them (and they you).
  • Always arrange to meet the animals before you commit. Visit the farm if you can.
  • Ask about testing and health. Get the history of the animals and herd. A reputable breeder will know and be happy to share.
  • Remember, cheap animals are cheap for a reason. Find out why.

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