Great Pyrenees

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Meet Enlil and Inanna

Enlil and Inanna are part of our livestock guardian dog pack tasked with caring for the goat herds and generally watching over all livestock on the farm. They have a huge responsibility but they is up to the task. They were born and raised on a farm as a working dogs and the Great Pyrenees have a deep instinct to work with the animals.

Enlil and Inanna came to Wild Haven Farm as a generous gift from Dave and Jackie at Smallfolk Farm in Mt. Horeb, WI.

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  • Great Pyrenees are from the French Pyrenees mountains where they are known as Patou and are also known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.
  • Great Pyrenees have been used in the United States as livestock guardian dogs since the 1970s.
  • These dogs can stand their ground against such preditors as wolves and bears.
  • Great Pyrenees were named the French royal dog by Loius XIV.

Enlil and Inanna’s Offspring

The Whelps

Bitch laying with her whelps suckling








Learn a little more about Enlil and Inanna
Are they registered?
Great Pyrenees is a recognized American Kennel Club (AKC) breed and both are nearly purebred. However, AKC rules are very strict and our dogs would not be eligible. This is fine, though, since the burden on AKC breeders means much higher cost for the animal. We value the work of AKC and recognize their expertise working to preserve breed standards. We are adopting AKC standards where possible as best practices but will be able to make working LGD puppies available to other livestock owners at a reasonable cost.
Do they actually guard livestock?
Yes, our LGD are working dogs and are constantly with the goats. They are most active at night and will bark constantly to keep predators away. You’ll often find them sleeping during the day.
Are your LGD available for adoption?
Inanna whelped in March of 2024 producing 9 pups. Once weaned, they will be available for adoption.
How big will they get?
Great Pyrenees dogs can get well over 100 lbs for the male and over 85 for the female according to the American Kennel Club.
What do their names mean?
Their names were given by Dave at Smallfolk Farm and come from Mesopoaian mythology. Enlil was the god of winds and storm. Inanna was the goddess of fertility and war.

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