Organic Chicken Eggs – 1 dozen


Farm fresh chicken eggs by the dozen. Fed only organic feed and humanely raised.


What you’ll get

  1. Medium sized brown eggs
  2. Hens are heritage Barred Rock and Columbian Wyandotte
  3. Sheltered pasture raised weather permitting. In the Winter birds have access to the outdoors all day (aka free range)
  4. Birds are raised and processed by humane standards
  5. Eggs are washed and refrigerated in compliance with MN law

Can I get them unwashed?

We get this question a lot. The answer is yes…but. According to MN state law we can only sell unwashed eggs if they are picked up by the customer on the farm. We make this option available but we will make no exceptions. All unwashed eggs must be picked up by the paying customer on the farm. Thank you for your understanding.

Are unwashed eggs safe? Yes, storing eggs unwashed is perfectly safe and they may stay fresh longer when the bloom is not washed off. However! Please remember that all eggs must be washed before use.

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