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Written by: George Sawyer

Published: 21 October 2023

Who is the National Wildlife Federation (NWF)?

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) dates back to the work of Jay Darling in the 1930’s and has grown to over six million members today. Its purpose is to increase wildlife populations by protecting their habitat; a mission not dissimilar from Wild Haven Farm’s.

What is a Certified Wildlife Habitat?

The Certified Wildlife Habitat program was started by the NWF in 1973 to encourage homeowners to consider wildlife in their landscaping choices. The criteria include providing food and water sources, shelter, breeding space, and a variety of sustainability practices. A full checklist of recommended practices is provided by the NWF.

Why get Certified?

So why get certified? There are different kinds of certification. USDA Organic is well known for being hard to achieve and a lot of work to maintain. Being a Certified Wildlife Habitat is certainly not that difficult. But it can still be highly rewarding and meaningful. It’s also not without some sweat equity. Most people that apply for the certification will need to make at least some improvements such as planting native plants, installing a water source, establishing breeding/nesting habitat. Becoming a Certified Wildlife Habitat is just as important for sustainability as being certified organic. Whether we have a city home, a community garden, or a 100-acre farm, what matters is that we commit to taking a positive step. The NWF certification sets an achievable goal for all of us, at any scale, to strive for.

We encourage everyone to make the commitment to become a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Even as an organic farm, it is a way for us to model to our CSA members and visitors the importance of wildlife habitats and our support for the National Wildlife Federation. Join us in spreading the word and taking another small positive step to improve our world.

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